We are a software development and graphic designing firm. Our team consists on professional and experienced Business and IT professionals. We identify optimal solution for our clients in terms of technical and business need.

Our Vision

Online retail outlet for all. "Every shop will be virtual shop". Virtual shops will be the future of retail markets.

Our Mission

To empower the local retail business with simple to advance ecommerce solution to enhance their presence in the digital world.

Our Story

Due to the pandemic situation in covid-19 many of the retail stores suffer. Huge decline in sales, cut down in business hours resulting in business shutdown. We conduct a survey in retail market and find out necessity of an affordable ecommerce solution for shop owner.

Consumer Behavior

We are observing the rising trend of smart phone user, it also shows the rising trend in convenience. Consumer buying behavior is changing, they required convenient and time saving solution. An ecommerce app (EAZYSHOP) can connect customer to shop owner smartly.